Our horizontal paint line has the capacity to paint extrusions up to an industry-leading 40 feet in length. This environmentally-friendly powerhouse handles 130,000 pounds of extrusions per day with the ability to ramp up expanded production to meet our customers’ needs.


Superior quality is our single-minded purpose behind the paint finish that we provide. Our state-of-the-art horizontal certified powder coating line is capable of applying paint on lengths up to 40 feet.

Flextrude is continually upgrading and improving our paint line, including oven upgrades and the addition of computer-controlled sprayers. These precise controls make for more stable adhesion, resulting in a higher quality coating.

We offer two standard paint colors — white and bronze — along with a library of 25+ custom colors. We can also match any color requested by customers to suit endless product application needs.

Our high-quality paints are available with warranties up to 20 years using 2603, 2604 and 2605 paint systems.

The quality control on our paint line exceeds industry standards. Each hour, our experienced staff tests the adhesion and curing of the painted extrusions, allowing them to respond quickly if a problem is discovered and make necessary adjustments.

Pounds Daily Capacity